How to prepare for exams?


Do exams make you nervous? Or are you afraid of failing else underperforming? Well, it doesn't need to be this way. Every person is born with a unique talent, and not all of them are brilliant. Many of them work hard to score well in exams while others don't and still manage to get good marks in examinations. There are also some students who study really hard but don't get the desired percentage. So, how to prepare for exams especially when they are just around the corner. But don't panic, here are some helpful hints for students to ace in exams and get everything done on time. Let's read it on:

Tip #1 Make a good time-table:

 Before beginning the studies, a schedule for every subject must be made based on different priorities. Students should prepare a timetable that directs all the material required to be covered for exams and tells them how much time needs to be dedicated to each subject every day. Make sure your timetable has sufficient breaks in between. Complex subject where a student is weak should be given more hours, and the easier subject should be given fewer hours with enough breaks between each subject.

Tip #2 Lose the fear and study confidently:

Attaining a certain score is beyond our control. This fact should be understood by parents also so that they stop pressuring their children and boost their confidence. Fear and stress can be the major obstacles in gaining high percentage in the exams. Hence lose all the fear and free your mind from stress for better exam preparations.

Tip #3 Don�t cram, make Outlines:

After deciding what you need to study and how much time you need to spend on studying, it is time to actually study. Let go off all your cramming habits and start making short notes while studying. When you read over your textbook and class notes, start preparing a summary for each topic. Highlight the areas which are most problematic and once you are done with all the outlining, review it for your final preparation.

Tip #4 Complete a mock test:

You might have found your social science, natural science and foreign language textbooks containing a big list of questions at the end of every chapter that never gets answered during your classroom training. You can take advantage of it by having a mock test of these questions 3 or 4 days before the examination. You will then get to know where to focus more for your final exam preparation. You can even ask one of your friend or classmate to give you an oral quiz based on the concepts described in your notebooks and class notes.

Tip #5: Stop multitasking while studying:

Set a separate time for study in advance and then follow through. For most of the students, this could mean leaving your dorm room and turning off their gadgets including their iPods, Facebook and other distracting elements.

So push yourself, get yourself out of the fear and start preparing for the exams. Remember worrying will only negatively affect your scores in exams. So, stay stress-free and adopt following tips to get good marks in your exams.