How to select subjects?


There are times in students school career where they need to streamline a range of subjects to focus upon for their better career options. In Indian education system, decision of the selection of the subjects needs to be taken right after the final examinations of grade 10. Therefore, it becomes even more necessary to score well in it so that you can choose your favorite stream. The stream you choose to study in class 11 & 12 decides your future job role so all the very best for your first big test in your life. The right subject choices open doors for their ambitions in later academic and professional lives, on the other hand a wrong choice may narrow down a student's options for brighter career ahead.

So you might have so many questions about choosing the right stream of subjects. How will English help you? Will Maths and Science be your good luck or should you take music forward? There are so many things to consider before making a decision. But here we have summarised all the confusion into these four questions and answering them will help you make a good decision. So put them together and make a shortlist of subjects.

Four big questions to consider when you are choosing your subjects

What subjects do you enjoy?

It's obvious. You are more likely to get higher marks in the subjects that you find interesting. Do you feel like time fly by in some subjects and walk at a snail's pace in others? Are any of the subjects include your after school activities like painting, gardening, computer surfing or anything else?

What subjects are you good at?

 Analyse in what subjects you get the highest marks? Although, there might be some subjects that you never studied before but are of your interest. Ask yourself - do this particular subject is of your interest and are you good at it?

 Where could they take you?

 Every student should know what they want to do in their upcoming years in terms of career. When you what you want to do, this will make it easier to pick the right subject for you. Find out the must-have and most useful subjects for each of your career ideas and consult with any career adviser on your decision.

What do others think you are good at?

 Your parents and friends are your best mentors. Take a paper and pen and make a list of thing that you are good at and not good at. Then ask them to give their opinions on the list. Ask them- What do they think what suits you and why. Ask for their suggestions and analyse how they weigh up with your own decision.

Still confused what subjects you should choose? It is completely OK to be unsure with your decisions but studying a broad range of subjects will always keep many options open for you.