A quick overview of education in Alwar


With the aim of all round development of children, the historically famous city of Rajasthan, Alwar has set standards in education. Education in Alwar provides students a comprehensive and cohesive knowledge on different fields of study. It focuses upon grooming their personality to help them grow as achievers. With a number of government and private schools, colleges and universities, Alwar has build up the knowledge base of the local inhabitants of the city.

Education in Alwar aspires to raise the social standards of local citizens of the place. The uneducated masses of the place have also understood the importance of education and are now sending their kids to schools so that they can lead a better lifestyle. 

Education in Alwar

According to census 2011, the average literacy rate of Alwar is 70.72 whereas the national literacy rate is 74.04%. This includes the male literacy rate of 83.75% and female literacy rate of 56.25%. 

Alwar is known for some of the best and prestigious educational institutes of Rajasthan. The city has several important schools (such as Kendriya Vidyalaya, Army Public School and Adarsh Vidhya Mandir) and colleges ( like Raj Rishi college, Homoeopathic Medical College, Siddhi Vinayak College, Presidency College, Raj Rishi Government College, Polytechnic College, Government Law College and several engineering colleges).

In all, Alwar has 3,578 primary and middle schools and 332 secondary and higher secondary schools. There are 11 colleges, 1 Agricultural Research Institute, 1 Polytechnic College and 4 ITI in Alwar that offer world class education to its students.

All these educational institutes of Alwar are equipped with all the necessary amenities of the modern education world. Schools are stepping forward with the adoption of latest technologies like studybase. V. L. Memorial Public School, Alwar is among our major partners inspiring all other educational entities to move ahead with digitalization in Alwar. With a complete automation of all school administrative tasks and better communication between parents and schools, the educational entities of Alwar are producing several luminaries as a contribution to the economical and social well-being of the city. 

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Ajay Lochan Mathur
V. L. Memorial Public School, Alwar

From past few years, education in Alwar has seen a drastic improvement. New schools, colleges and training institutes have been developed and they are equipped with all the latest digital requirements of the era. From transportation tracking and online fee payments to attendance and class management, these modern schools are handling all of them digitally and setting up an example for the entire state. Alwar is leaving no way for its local inhabitants to go out for education as the region itself has everything in its best form.

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