Our Partnership with Kids' Pride

Information technology has reformed almost every sector. It has grasped and now it is in the promising state of altering education sector. If it continues its approach, the education will be far changed, hopefully more constructive than it is today. The involvement of automation will make imparting education stress-free for both students and educators. The Indian education system has also accepted this fact and is gradually implementing digital teaching solutions to the schools. One example of this is the recent adoption of Studybase with Kids Pride School, Jaipur.

Kids Pride school is a co-educational english Medium Play school. It was started in the year 1995 and now it has total five branches, four in Jaipur and One in Amritsar(Punjab). The school is imparting education to around 200 to 500 students and also has a day-boarding facility which is optional.

To better engage with parents and keep them involved in their child’s school performance, Kids Pride school adopted Studybase, an automated solution for all academic needs. Studybase is an easy to use, affordable and trusted school management software that manages everything from attendance to fees and communication to transportation in a single click.

Kids Pride School needed a solution with which they can share kids activities, events and important information with the parents. They want a platform that minimizes the paperwork at schools and enhance the parent-teacher interaction in the most convenient way. With Studybase, they found the solution of all their problems.

“Thanks to Studybase, now we can share important information, pictures and events held at school with the parents very easily.”

- Usha Lodha, Director, Kids Pride School, Jaipur