An overview of Kota - The education hub of Rajasthan


Education is a topic that one can talk endlessly upon it. The cutting-edge competition of modern education has made it compulsory for every student to go beyond the school boundaries and learn from some reputed coaching institutes. And, the south-east district of the Rajasthan state, Kota has a number of them.

Popularly referred as “the Education Hub” of Rajasthan, Kota has gained the trust of everyone when it comes to delivering best education. It’s no surprise that education forms an integral part of Kota’s economy. Every year a large number of students all around the India get themselves enrolled in different coaching institutes and begin their journey towards dreams. 

Education in Kota:

Education in Kota aspires to excel in the overall development of the students. As per the census of 2011, Kota has an average literacy rate of  82.80% , which is much higher than the average national percentage of 64.8% . This includes the male literacy rate of 89.49% and female literacy rate of 75.33% .

The land of Kota is known for some of the most experienced and prestigious educational institutes that are defining modern conventions of education. The district has around 767 primary schools, 596 middle schools, 296 secondary schools,  50 higher secondary schools, 9 degree colleges, 4 industrial training institutes and 1 open university. These educational entities of Kota come forth with new disciples that are grooming students to represent themselves in the competitive world with much confidence. Not only they are setting examples of traditional education, the schools and institutes of Kota are also involving the ew digitized ways of education. From past few years, many schools in Kota have adopted a school management software for a more simplified administration process. DPS (Dev Public School) with its 2 branches in Kansua and Prem Nagar III is one of our few major partners inspiring all other educational entities to move ahead with digitalization. 

Kota has turned out to be a prominent hub for medical and  engineering entrance examination and entices thousands of students from entire nation. Each year around 2 lakh students come to Kota aspire for lucrative options to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, chartered accountants and many more. And for them, Kota has set standards by automating every minute task to manage such a huge student database. From the daily attendance sheet, assignment details, class schedules to online fee management, the distinct coaching institutes of Kota are embracing the digital world with a school management software.

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