Key Features

Studybase is designed specifically for Indian K-12 educational institution. It provides insight to crucial analytics about schools, classrooms, students, teachers and assessments in a single convenient dashboard.

Students Information System

Studybase maintains separate records for every student and enables access to complete student information with just a single click. Student information includes personal details, parent/guardian details, photographs, sessions, fee details and attendance etc. It allows creating several student reports. You can easily upload student-related documents like birth certificates and previous school history records. Studybase even covers powerful search to filter the student records based on permutation combination of several options including class, session, demographics and tags.

Fee and Online Payments

Studybase is a comprehensive module that automates the complete cycle of fee payment activity from initiation to collection and receipt generation. This module supports multiple accounts, tax, discounts, etc. In addition, it is programmed to calculate outstanding fees for an Institution, session, class, group or an individual student and schedules pending fee reminders by SMS. It saves 90% of manual work and eliminates errors. Studybase facilitates prompt payments as it provides multiple, secure, online payment options to parents. Moreover, you can access web or mobile app anytime which facilitates you to make payment from anywhere. It also provides consolidated reports for quick analysis or financial auditing.


The Studybase web or mobile app allows you to record student and staff attendance. This recorded information is send to the parent/guardians via SMS, e-mails or push notifications. Furthermore, attendance can be recorded as “partial present” when a student or a teacher has not attended the complete working hours of the school. You can also mark scheduled, sick and long leaves in advance with Studybase single portal for teachers and students.


Studybase provides a secure and integrated communication system that connects the institution and teachers with parents and students. It offers fast and reliable alerts through push notifications, e-mails or SMS by maintaining parents contact information without manually feeding them into the system. Management can easily monitor and intervene all communication inside and outside the institution. In communication module, you can also attach documents, pictures and videos and send information to the parent. This helps to maintain transparency. Moreover, this whole process of transfer of information is secure.


Studybase designs a curriculum for the classes with lessons covering various topics. The pre-defined curriculum manages the progress and performance of teachers. It also helps the parents to acknowledge the progress of their child during classes. Parents are also able to help their child with the topics currently covered in the class to better prepare them for the future curriculum. Studybase facilitates the dissemination of class progress with integrated notifications, resulting in significant time savings.


Studybase helps you to manage and optimize your entire transportation operation to ensure the secure and efficient transport of students and staff to and from your institution. You can define and maintain vehicle details.In addition of that, the complete list of stops can be reported with GPS tracking feature. Everything related to transportation, fees and tracking of the number of students and staff using the transport facility can be managed easily. Studybase helps you to visualise routes on maps with designated paths and stops. You can also share route details with parents and send alerts to the parent.

Analytics and Dashboard:

Studybase enables the institution to efficiently manage multiple institutions at several locations with it’s well-organized analytics dashboards. It provides real-time data on several key performance indicators (KPIs) including payment collection and messaging overview that further helps management and educators in decision-making. Parents get access to their ward’s progress data that provide insight on areas for improvement.

SAAS and Technology:

Studybase is SAAS based platform built with the latest technology, C# MVC framework and hosted on Microsoft Azure. This software has easy user access management with role-based security. Even if a parent and teacher of one child is same, then also Studybase allows you to have one account. Again, this platform is accessible on iOS and android app with rigid two step verification security. We even provide 24x7 monitoring and support to ensure efficient and reliable solution.